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Bonfires and Fireworks cause extreme distress to animals so make sure that your pet is kept indoors or in a secure and safe environment in the days leading up to Halloween. Walk dogs during daylight hours as bonfires are more likely to be lit, and fireworks to be set off, after dark. Set aside a place where your pet can hide if he/she wants to and ensure that he/she has access to this place at all times. As darkness falls close windows and curtains and play some music to drown the sound of the fireworks.

With a little planning and thought, Halloween can be a festive and fun time for all the family – even the four-footed members!

Our Mission Statement

Irish Therapy Dogs’ Mission is to provide physical, therapeutic and educational benefit to people, young and old, fit and frail, alert and impaired, in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Day Care Centres, Schools and other places where people may be restricted from having pets and where the presence of dogs and their owners, will add comfort and support.

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