Schooldays Really Are The Best Days Of Our Lives !

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Kim and Classmates

The sun shone, tails wagged and sheer joy emanated from the children in St Paul’s Primary School, Abbeylands, Navan,  Co. Meath when Irish Therapy Dogs visited recently. A big thank you to Principal Patricia Fahy, the staff and pupils for their warm hearted  welcome. Thank you also to our Volunteer Visiting Teams who were present on the day.


As the Visiting Teams moved through the twenty two classrooms the excitement mounted and the smiles  got  bigger as each child interacted, hugged, stroked,  and chatted to the dogs. New friends for life all round and a very special day that will be remembered and cherished by both  the children and our Volunteers alike.  It was a privilege to be part of such a wonderful day that brought so much happiness and enjoyment to the girls and boys in St. Paul’s.


Full Marks to our Junior Member Kim for the commitment, work and effort that she put into organizing the school visit and the non-uniform day that followed.  Thank you for a job very well done Kim!