UCC Students Go To The Dogs !!!!

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Irish Therapy Dogs would like to thank Felicity, Shannon and all the team at Brookfield Health Sciences Centre, UCC for the warm and generous welcome given to our Volunteer Visiting Teams when they visited on November 26th.  The day was a tremendous success with around four hundred students availing of the opportunity to meet our Therapy Dogs and to de-stress before exams.  We appreciate the acknowledgement and support  given to Irish Therapy Dogs by our attendance at this event.

This is what Felicity had to say about the event.

“I think what today’s event really accomplished was three things: it helped de-stress students before exams (you saw all the smiles today!); it raised awareness about therapy dogs being a really helpful and therapeutic form of alternative medicine; and for some, it helped them become less scared or distrusting of dogs. Overall, it was a tremendous success. “